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Photo-frame Style Painting Smart Signal Detector Jammer WF-DJ7

Name:Photo-frame Style Painting Smart Signal Detector Jammer WF-DJ7


01. Photo Frame Style, Noble and Elegant Design.
02. Working in continuous dectection and jamming mode make a lower power consumption.
03. Shielding function activated smartly. Environmental friendly.
04. Support RS232 Com port, controlled by the computer.
05. Output power of each band can be adjusted by computer RS232 port as required, and shielding range can be regulated.
06. Detective range can be up to 30 grades optional.
07. Infrared remote control available to ON/OFF the device in a range of 0-10M.
08. Setting the shielding period.
09. With internal antennae. Highly covert and wall mounted. It looks completely like a photo frame hung on the wall. Photo frame can be selected as required.
10. With LED Light to display device activated and indicate the current time.
11. With separate detecting and shielding LED light for each band. (Blue  light for Detecting, Red light for shielding.)


Product details
The current cellphone jammers work with continuous emmission of high power RF interference signals, which is main disadvantage to some degree. Firstly, people are continously exposed to high power RF radition for a long time, which is not environmentally friendly. Secondly, Such jammers will keep interfering the signals even while not in use, which is not smart. Conducting a systematic study, a smart environmental detective cellphone jammer WF-DJ7 is designed based on the above two problems. When the mobile phone is incoming or outgoing, WF-DJ7 interferes the signals between the mobile phone and BTS to prevent the phone from communicating with the outside, otherwise the device will be in sleep mode. WF-DJ7 plays a smart shielding role.
WF-DJ7 is designed mainly used for indoor cellphone signal detection and shielding, such as meeting rooms,border control units, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, Houses, Churches, Courts, Theaters, Offices,classrooms. checkpoint personnel, Hospitals, Recording Studios, Banks, Contract Tendering Rooms, Testing Facilities, Security Services, Military Units, Secret Services, News Conference  Scene, Libraries, Museums,Prisons and so on.
All Bomb Jammers,IED Jammers,RF Signal Jammer and RCIED Jammers,including cell phone jammers and mobile phone jamming devices are sold for governmental, law enforcement and military users only.
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