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Programmable DDS Broadband Jammer
Programmable DDS Broadband Jammer
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Wolvesfleet Professional Digital DDS Broadband Jammer for Cellular Phones / RF designed for all wireless communications and mostly cellular bands (GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, iDEN, NEXTEL, TDMA, AMPS, CDMA, NMT, DCS, PHS, PCS, 3G, UMTS, etc.)... Cellular telephones and other requested communication devices (Radio-Communications, Wi-Fi, GPS, Satellite Phones etc.) located in the protected area cannot transmit or receive. Devices located outside the area will have regular services and will not be affected by the PRO Jammer. Unlike KAVIT's state of the art jammers, competitive products may suffer from serious problems of stability and reliability.

wolvesfleet's battle-proven products are used by the most demanding forces & agencies worldwide.

Typical Applications: Security - RCIED / EOD / ECM / VIP / Anti-Eavesdropping & Anti-Communication, Safety, Privacy, Acoustic Isolation. What is RCIED?

RCIED stands for "Remote Controlled Improvised Electronic Device". In other words, RCIED is a RC (remote controlled) Bomb. RCIEDs are widely used by terrorists worldwide mainly in conflict zones, and have been causing a large number of casualties, especially to the US forces in Iraq & Afghanistan.

A typical RCIED is composed of a bomb, attached to a cellular phone. After installing the RCIED in sensitive locations like main roadsides, the terrorist can then dial to activate it from anywhere and at any time, of course he would wait for the right moment in order to maximize the human injury.

By accurate and effective operation, the wolvesfleet PRO Jammers cut off the RC triggering transmissions to the RCIED receiver, thus immediately preventing bomb denotation, and save life, sometimes of many.

If you want the best for your Army, equip it with wolvesfleet Professional Jammers.