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Convoy Jammers
Convoy Jammers
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Our convoy and VIP Jamming system series offer wide range of frequencies from 20MHz to 3600MHz.

Based on its modular design and configuration our digital jammer can be easily operated, upgraded, serviced,repaired and adapted to its required use.

Digital Jammer modules can be changed easily and quickly just as changing the mobile phone battery. Different jamming frequency bands can be configured as the customers required immediately.

WF-VIP JAM is design with a wired remote control unit,facilitating the operator to manage each module in any situation. This remote control unit can also display both internal and external battery level as well as built-in power supplies’ working status.

DDS software interface is quite simply. The operators just move the mouse and then he can set up working frequency bands and output power of the modules. Each module can be up to 4 channels output at most.

Wide range of output power and different sizes make it usable for many types of private vehicles and jeeps.

Mounting kits for military and luxury vehicles are available.

Please contact with us to help you find the best solution for your application.

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